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Introducing our Herbal Magnesium Lotion, the perfect solution for ailments such as leg cramps, growing pains & restless legs. Made from natural and organic ingredients, this small batch lotion is infused with magnesium to help soothe and relax tired muscles. Our unique blend of herbs and essential oils work together to provide a calming and therapeutic experience. Simply apply to affected areas for fast-acting relief. Arnica is helpful for inflammation & joint pain. Comfrey is known to help treat sprains and other sore muscles. Magnesium benefits may help reduce migraine pain and even help with anxiety and sleep, as well as boosting energy.

Some people experience a tingling or itchy feeling when applied, which indicates the low magnesium levels in the body. Apply small amounts and take it slow if you do experience this and build up with time.

*Organic Ingredients- * Arnica flowers & Comfrey leaves infused in *Olive oil, *Shea butter, *Magnesium oil, *Aloe vera gel, Beeswax, Stearic wax, *Arrowroot, Natural preservative, *Peppermint and *Lavender essentail oils.

Herbal Magnesium Lotion


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